Shoot-out at Cafe Gleichklang

Posted on November 11, 2013 by SONIA

A dramatic day in Hannover’s Marienstrasse 38 at the best, and likely one and only vegan Cafe in Hannover, Germany: CAFE GLEICHKLANG (If you are in Hannover or happen to pass through and need proof that vegan food can be delicious and filling: make sure to check out Cafe Gleichklang).SWAT-Attack

In a race against time we transformed the restaurant into an internet cafe.  Our suspicious activities had called the REAL POLICE on the scene: They came by to check on our FAKE SWAT TEAM. After an amicable chat we parted ways as friends and the action could continue…

If you want to find out what really happened…read on….


INTERNET CAFE (aka Cafe Gleichklang) – DAY

A modern internet cafe. Bright atmosphere, a large glassy store front, organic snacks and drinks BENNY , cafe owner (and in real life the LEAD SINGER of the melodic punk-rock Band FAT BELLY), barely looks up.Libelle92_Cafe1 cropped

How much are 10 minutes?

Benny busies himself cleaning a couple of glasses.

Minimum ‘s half an hour. Two euro .

Sonia searches her wallet. On her their fingertips sticks dried blood, which does not escape Benny. Now he looks at Sonia more closely. Doesn’t she look somewhat familiar?


More stuff happens in between; Sonia does some top secret stuff on the computer and finds out more about “92”. It finally dawns on Benny – what a traitor – that Sonia is wanted and calls the police. Then:

Through the window of the internet cafe we see the figure of a man: COMMISSIONER Corssen (HARALD SCHANDRY) . He watches Sonia. Smirking. Now he’s got her…

In the MEANTIME slips a POLICEMAN (FRANK BRAUNERT-SAAK) through the back door. He approaches Sonia carefully. One hand on the holster of his gun.

Commissioner Corssen enters the cafe….Sonia stays put. Frozen.

If that wasn’t enough: A SWAT-UNIT (GERRIT SALOMON und ANDRE STELZER; Aegis-network) storms the internet cafe.

BAM BAM BAM! Bullets and plaster from the walls fly all over the place. Commissar Corrsen is hit by a bullet (oops) and goes down.

Sonia finally gathers her wits and drops under the table, crawls behind the counter, towards the backdoor and…..

A few short glimpses of the action here in our teaser: For the rest: Stay tuned!

Commissar Corssen