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LIBELLE Episodes Launch

Posted on 07/24/12 by SONIA

Mark your calendars: On August 15th the first LIBELLE episode will go online!  More to come soon!

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Episode 8 now online!

Posted on 10/05/12 by SONIA

Ann and Sonia make a strange observation. McIntyre meets his maker. And what on earth is Bill doing again alone in the woods? With Anita Reimer, Eric Breker, Julia Dordel and Douglas Roy Dack. Directed by Brent Crowell, Camera Guido Toelke, VFX Guido Toelke, Music by Anthony M. Reimer.Chack it out here:

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Shoot-out at Cafe Gleichklang

Posted on 11/11/13 by SONIA

A dramatic day in Hannover’s Marienstrasse 38 at the best, and likely one and only vegan Cafe in Hannover, Germany: CAFE GLEICHKLANG (If you are in Hannover or happen to pass through and need proof that vegan food can be delicious and filling: make sure to check out Cafe Gleichklang). In a race against time […]

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LIBELLE has officially launched

Posted on 08/14/12 by SONIA

Check out our first episode (click on the link above). The next one is scheduled to be released on August 22nd.

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Libelle with German subtitles

Posted on 10/25/12 by SONIA

The first 5 Libelle webisodes are now available with German subtitles at the internet language platform ‘Papagei TV’ :

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Final Episode of Season 1 released

Posted on 03/08/14 by SONIA

Ann, Bill and Sonia are suspects in a murder case and are on the run.The mysterious boss seems to be helping out – but where on earth is he sending the reluctant team?? With Anita Reimer, Eric Breker, Julia Dordel, Luis Preto, Olivia Cheng, and others. Preliminary cut (w. timecode). Directed by Brent Crowell, Camera […]

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LIBELLE Scene from unreleased Episode

Posted on 06/10/12 by SONIA

As a thank-you to our sponsors for passing another fundraising bench-mark on we have release a scene from a LIBELLE episode. Check it out!

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Episode 9 coming soon!

Posted on 10/28/12 by SONIA

Only a few more days and we are posting episode 9 (crazy -ey…!!!) . Agent Ann (Anita Reimer) finally meets her nemesis – hot Assassin Jasmine aka Olivia Cheng . This time it’s going to get physical… If you have missed the earlier episodes – there is time to catch up. Episode 1 through 8 […]

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Posted on 05/28/12 by sylvain

Watch the brand-new trailer!

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New Libelle Episode #9 is out!

Posted on 11/07/12 by SONIA

Action-filled episode 9 is finally out! A sniper chases Ann and Sonia through the woods – right into the arms of Jasmin. With Anita Reimer, Bernadeta Wrobel, Douglas Roy Dack, Eric Breker, Julia Dordel and Olivia Cheng. Directed by Brent Crowell, Camera Guido Toelke, VFX Guido Toelke, Music by Anthony M. Reimer.

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