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LIBELLE Scene from unreleased Episode

Posted on 06/10/12 by SONIA

As a thank-you to our sponsors for passing another fundraising bench-mark on we have release a scene from a LIBELLE episode. Check it out!

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Episode 9 coming soon!

Posted on 10/28/12 by SONIA

Only a few more days and we are posting episode 9 (crazy -ey…!!!) . Agent Ann (Anita Reimer) finally meets her nemesis – hot Assassin Jasmine aka Olivia Cheng . This time it’s going to get physical… If you have missed the earlier episodes – there is time to catch up. Episode 1 through 8 […]

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Posted on 05/28/12 by sylvain

Watch the brand-new trailer!

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New Libelle Episode #9 is out!

Posted on 11/07/12 by SONIA

Action-filled episode 9 is finally out! A sniper chases Ann and Sonia through the woods – right into the arms of Jasmin. With Anita Reimer, Bernadeta Wrobel, Douglas Roy Dack, Eric Breker, Julia Dordel and Olivia Cheng. Directed by Brent Crowell, Camera Guido Toelke, VFX Guido Toelke, Music by Anthony M. Reimer.

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LIBELLE now on Facebook

Posted on 05/23/11 by sylvain

LIBELLE now on FACEBOOK: Check out latest pix and news and “LIKE” us (if you do!!) at

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Episode 10 now online

Posted on 11/25/12 by SONIA

Inspector Zet and Detective Michael follow a hot lead in the case of dead Midnightlighter boss and logging company head Eddy McIntyre. Ann, Bill and Sonia reunite and head off to retrieve the hidden video tape, but find that someone was faster…Or maybe not? With Adrian Holmes, Anita Reimer, Bernadeta Wrobel, Douglas Roy Dack, Eric […]

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The Opening Credits

Posted on 04/16/12 by sylvain

So…(please imagine the drum roll)…here come our LIBELLE opening credits. They were created by tonic trix, the creative duo Thomas Israel & Nico Vogelsang, from Hannover, Germany. They have designed countless projects for the film and music scene, as well as for leading national and international fashion brands. The music for the opening credits was […]

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Libelle #11 released

Posted on 01/12/13 by SONIA

Ann, Bill and Sonia run into Inspector Zet and have quite a few things to explain. But will Zet believe them?

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LIBELLE Finalist at the World Media Festival in Banff

Posted on 05/04/12 by sylvain

Libelle is one of the 6  FINALISTS in the Banff World Media Festival competing for the title of the winner in the Banff Digital Launch Pad Competition in front of the biggest players from Hollywood and the rest of the world! Keep your fingers crossed for June 11 when Ann and Sonia are facing the […]

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Libelle at the LAWEBFEST March 28-31

Posted on 01/23/13 by SONIA

Great news: Libelle has been accepted to the oldest, largest and one of the most prestigious festivals for web series – The LAWEBFEST. For the screening episodes III  and IV have been chosen. Cast: Julia Dordel, Bernadeta Wrobel, Anita Reimer, Douglas Roy Dack, Eric Breker, Olivia Cheng, Michael Teigen, Adrian Holmes, John M. Jones, Olympia Lukis. […]

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