Bent on getting back their old lives disgraced forest-scientist Sonia, daredevil kick-ass fighter Ann and corrupt ex-cop Bill team up in search of wrongs to right.

Analena (Ann) Tempest – Anita Reimer

All that Ann (Anita Reimer) wants is to get back at her estranged husband James, set records straight and get back her job. Hunted by mercenaries, drug dealers and wanted for murder by Interpol, this proves to be a challenging task. Being the disgraced ex-cop, trained martial artist and lethal weapon that she is, Ann is definitely suspect number one for any foul play that she stumbles upon. Barely managing to stay alive she faces battle wherever she turns.

Bill Jones – Eric Breker

Rehabilitated gambler, ex-cop and partner of Ann; Bill (Eric Breker) is a man who plays both sides.
Although he tries to do the right thing, his former life comes back to haunt him. Mistrust taints the atmosphere between him and Ann and keeps us wondering, how much of the trouble Team LIBELE is in is actually Bill’s fault? And then – what does he do all the time when he roams around by himself… If driven over the edge – could he be a killer?

Dr. Sonia Engelhardt – Dr. Julia Dordel

Socially awkward but gifted scientist, Sonia (Dr. Julia Dordel) struggles with the realities of corporate life when her revolutionary science discoveries don’t get her an award but instead have her kicked off her research projects. To find the final piece of evidence that would allow her to go public and get back her life, Sonia would do almost anything. Her motives make her a definite murder suspect when a body is found. Wanted by the police and with a dangerous secret of her own, Sonia becomes a target for merciless enemies and an involuntary and very reluctant team member of LIBELLE.

Forest and Terra, Sonia’s loyal dogs, really don’t care where the journey takes them. As long as their beloved Sonia is close. Their attentiveness proves to be problematic for enemies of team LIBELLE. When a dirty trick whips them away from Sonia they are thrown into terrible danger.

More LIBELLE Characters

Inspector Zet – Adrian Holmes

Ambitious and hardworking Zet (Adrian Holmes) has no time for nonsense. A string of clumsy mishaps by his former subordinates, Ann and Bill have been a source of frustration for him and he is only too happy to see them go. But his relief is not lasting. When Ann and Bill are recruited by undercover agency LIBELLE they are right back in his face and more irritating than ever before. But as things get messy we are not the only ones left wondering which side he is on…

Stephanie Nowak – Bernadeta Wrobel

Vivacious Stefanie (Bernadeta Wrobel) is Sonia research assistant and loyal partner in crime. A bright technician, but not the best judge of human nature she is perhaps overly loyal.? But would she be ready to kill for Sonia? Or is she working for the bad guys…Have her obsession with cop-shows and B-movie horror flicks inspired her to commit a gruesome murder?

Eddie McIntyre – Douglas Roy Dack

Head of the local midnight lighter division and CEO of a major West-coast logging company Eddie McIntyre (Douglas Roy Dack) has many a fish to fry. But with Team LIBELLE at his heels and involved in a major international conspiracy that is more than even he can handle.

Commissioner Steele – John Marshal Jones

Commissioner Steele (John Marshal Jones) is a righteous member of the west coast Police force. Or so it seems. One thing is for certain; he has had it for Ann because of the special treatment she receives thanks to her high profile husband. Gambler Bill’s very existence in the police bugs him like a sore thumb. Steele is only too happy to throw Ann and Bill to the wolves when things look fishy.

Detective Michaels – Michael Teigen

Keener, overachiever and know-it-all – Detective Michaels (Michael Teigen) is a real pain and archenemy of Ann and Bill. Michaels would just love to see team LIBELLE go down. His happiness doesn’t last though as things get pretty uncomfortable for him as well.

Roger Malone – Nicholas Harrison

Roger (Nicholas Harrison) cannot only mix up a devilish cocktail which will knock you off your socks, but knows how to handle all kinds of weapons. The fact that team LIBELLE fights back and scars him for life only makes Roger more determined to hunt the three down even if that means that he would have to chase them to the end of the world and back…

Jasmin Lu – Olivia Cheng

Hot and dangerous, assassin Jasmin (Olivia Cheng) is literally one to die for. At least Bill thinks so. That is not the case with Ann and Sonia who fight her with their fists and … sticks.
Her sadistic sense of humor, coupled with her readiness for violence clearly indicate that she works for the bad guys. Or…does she really?

Detective Cook – Olympia Lukis

Zet’s right hand and tough as nails, Detective Cook (Olympis Lukis) is not one you want on your bad side. And this is exactly where she is for our heroes. Does she help accelerate matters when things go downhill?


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