On the sets of season 1 of the LIBELLE eco-thriller we managed to reduce our ecological footprint dramatically compared to a “normal” film set:

Food was mostly organic and from local producers. The entire crew and cast (about 25 people) car-pooled to set. The green set-etiquette was initiated by Jennifer Rodriguez – our Environmental Sustainability Coordinator (David Suzuki Foundation). The photos show ALL the garbage (collected in compostable and biodegradable bags)we had after 2 full days of shooting and feeding about 25 people! And the creative solution to avoid for plastic water bottles: 1l mason jars that can be cleaned easily and filled with tap water….




The LIBELLE Concept

Most of scientific research with the potential to change the world for the better and combat climate change never reaches the public. Thus, we founded LIBELLE. With the help of a dedicated group of scientists, NGO’s and accomplished filmmakers, such as directors Neil Every and Brent Crowell, mentors Lynn Booth and Rachel Talalay, and well known actors like Adrian Holmes (Red Riding Hood), John Marshal Jones (the troop), Eric Breker and Nick Harrison (both Human target, Stargate, the X-files), we have started to film a series of eco-thrillers, science wrapped in a package of mystery and action.

The eco-thriller webisodes will target the part of the general public (age range 15-40) that would normally shy away from scientific content and documentaries and give them an incentive to discover and appreciate the outdoors. We hope you consider supporting this ambitious and absolutely novel project as we are in post-production of the first season wrapped in September 2011 and gear up for the next one.